Tell me more about Influencer Marketing

Due to an omnipresent information overload of digitalization, the consumer acceptance of users has decreased. Brands need an alternative approach to their target group, as direct commercial actions arouse little interest. Individual consumer demands want to be satisfied. The marketing discipline of "Influencer Marketing" holds the possibility to offer valuable and relevant content to consumers, but not to confront them with advertising content. 

An influencer is a person with a strong following that has an effect on consumers and is able to influence them to take buying action. Influencer Marketing is the practice of using those influencers as independent and authentic voices that share meaningful messages on behalf of brands with their followers and communities to influence purchasing decisions, increase brand awareness and help to acquire new customers. 

It is changing the marketing landscape and creating tremendous value for brands of any size.

What is a Micro Influencer?

Micro Influencers have approximately 1.000 – 50.000 followers. There is no clear dividing line though. It's a fact, however, that a few high-quality real followers lead to higher engagement rates. The audience of a Micro Influencer is smaller, but more committed and enthusiastic. In many cases the Micro Influencer's content is more authentic and niche, creating a deeper connection with potential customers. They have a great deal of authority in their niche and have a loyal community of followers who trust their word.

Micro Influencers are worth a closer look by brands because of the enthusiasm and passion they share with their followers. If genuine interest and engagement are your goals, consider partnering with Micro Influencers.

Why it works


Influencer Marketing is currently not only one of the biggest buzzwords, it's also one of the biggest opportunities in digital marketing. It can be a huge asset for almost any business, especially in your section, the travel and also food industry. Why? Because travel and food, both are extremely popular on social media.  


more engagement is generated by pictures and videos (visual content) than by text-based content.

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of consumers now rely on social media to inform purchasing decisions.

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of people trust recommendations from individuals - even if they don't know them.

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of marketers promote content with the help of influencers.


If you do it right, it delivers 11x ROI.

Businesses make, on average, 6.50€ for every 1€ spent. At an average of 6.50€ in revenue for every single Euro spent on influencer marketing, the risk is, at least for now, well worth the reward.

It's all about trust and authenticity! You really want to build meaningful long-term relationships with your brand advocates. They are your brand voice.

It’s all about trust and authenticity!
— Voiz Republic